Welcome to Tommy Tapes

Where memories should never fade away

Welcome to Tommy Tapes

Where memories should never fade away


Find all those old tapes


Drop them off for me to digitize


Look back on all the memories

My Mission

I will help you relive those cherished moments trapped on VHS, VHS-C, Mini DV, and Hi 8mm tapes by bringing them into the digital age.
I can now convert 8mm and Super 8 film reels as well!

With “Rewind. Digitize. Relive.” as my mantra, I am dedicated to preserving your precious memories and making them accessible anytime, anywhere.

Imagine being able to watch your family’s milestones, relive special occasions, and revisit the moments that shaped your life, all at the touch of a button. I am committed to carefully transferring your analog tapes to high-quality digital formats, ensuring that every smile, tear, and laugh is captured with the utmost precision.


Collect Your Tapes

Go through your closets and attic and find all your old tapes and place them in a box or sturdy bag.


Add Up Your Total & Pay

Use the form below to easily total up your tapes and add-ons, then pay through a secure server.


Drop Off Tapes

Drop off your collection at my home in Argyle near I-35W and FM 407. You’ll see a marked container on the front porch.

Have one of these types of media?

I can convert it.

VHS Tape

VHS Tape – The industry standard for analog video recording.

VHS-C Tape

VHS-C – A compact cassette that is played in a VCR via an adapter.

8mm Tape

8mm Tape – A compact cassette tape also known as Video8 or Hi8.

8mm, Super 8 Reels

8mm, Super 8 film reels (Up to 9″ in diameter) – VIDEO ONLY (No Audio)

Mini DV Tape

Mini DV- A small cassette used for digital video recording.


DVD – A digital optical disc (for those who don’t have DVD players anymore)

Audio Cassette

Audio cassette – Analog magnetic tape for audio recording and playback.


Microcassette –  An audio cassette roughly one-quarter the size of a regular cassette.

What You’ll Get

MP4 Video Files Via Dropbox or USB Drive… Or both!

For each of your tapes, you’ll receive a quality digitized version saved as an H.264 MP4 sent to you via Dropbox or on a USB Drive, which will be viewable on most media players.

I then encourage you to upload the videos to your own Cloud space, YouTube, etc.

More Details

Average Two-week Turnaround

Keep or Discard – Let me know if you want to hold on to your tapes or I can discard/destroy after 30 days

Minor Editing Included – My prices include minor color correction and audio improvements. I’ll also remove the “snow” at the beginning and end of each tape and add a nice fade in/fade out.

My Prices

E-mail me about a bulk discount!

$15 per item

Pay $15 for each VHS, VHS-C, Hi-8, and Mini DV Tape.
This also includes 8mm film reels, audio cassettes, microcassettes, and DVDs.
Price includes minor editing – color correction, audio improvements, and simple fade-in/fade-out on each video.

Add-ons – Save your videos on a USB Drive for $10.
Save your videos to Dropbox for $5.

My Success Stories


“Tommy Noel took my 30-year-old wedding video and converted it to a cloud platform.  The quality of his work is exceptional.  I was amazed by the clarity, vividness, and sound quality of the video.”​

Kim M.


“Tommy was so incredibly helpful! He helped turn my childhood videos into something more modern so I can continue to pass down to my kids! Thank you for your skills Tommy, I am so grateful!”

Amanda D.


“Tommy is a highly skilled and exceptionally talented video editor. He converted videos from when I was a little kid that brought back such tender moments for me and my family. I am forever grateful for his professionalism and care. I cannot recommend Tommy Tapes enough!”​

Michelle D.

Pick Your Services, Pay, & Drop Off

After submitting, you will get drop-off instructions sent to your email. The drop-off spot is in Argyle, TX. Please make sure your tapes fall into these formats: VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, Mini DV, 8mm film reel, audio cassette, microcassette, and DVD.

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Price: $15.00
This includes: VHS, VHS-C, Hi-8, Mini DV, 8mm film reels, audio cassette, microcassette, and DVDs. Have more than 20 items? Contact me for a bulk discount!
Select your add-ons.